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Bohemian Oasis: Creating a Boho-inspired Home

By Laura Leiva

If you’re looking to create the perfect bohemian oasis in your home, here are five tips to get you started. 

·       Color and patterns: Pair your favorite prints with colorful hues to give your space an inviting and warm look. From paisley prints to geometric patterns, punch up design with eye-catching rugs, throw pillows, or artwork.

·       Natural materials: While the base of the room should feature natural materials such as leather, macrame, rattan, and wood, added touches of brass or metal give it that true boho vibe.

·       Global influences: Bohemian style incorporates décor from global travels and inspiration. Mix it up with different pieces of artwork and decorative items from a particular country or region to give your home that well-traveled, lived-in atmosphere. 

·       Casual is best: There’s nothing stuffy about bohemian style. Keep the room cozy and casual by adding poufs or blankets in various areas of the home to relax and elevate conversational areas.

Vintage and thrifted goods: Instead of spending a lot of money on décor, browse your favorite vintage or secondhand stores to pick up unique accents to fill out your home.